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GOOD FORM: Harness horses tend to be a fairly consistent breed. Horses that have
shown the ability to race well at a certain class level are often the most likely candidates
to win a particular race.

CONSISTENCY: Horses that have demonstrated that they can win consistently at a
particular level often yield very solid selections to win a race.

TOP DRIVERS: The top four or five drivers at most racetracks will win a
disproportionate amount of the races. A list of top drivers appears in the official track
program and each driver's UDR (universal driver rating) appears next to the driver's

TOP TRAINERS: As with drivers, top trainers will often dominate in the win standings at
a racetrack. The trainer's rating appears next to his/her name in the program and a
listing of the trainer's standings is also contained in the program.

INSIDE POST POSITIONS: Generally speaking, the closer to the rail a horse starts, the
better his chances of success. An inside post makes it easier for a horse to get good
early position.

HORSES THAT HAVE HAD EXCUSES: Sometimes horses have had their chances
compromised by a number of things beyond their control. Some examples: Poor post
positions, interference, breaking, being parked out, being overmatched in class.

HORSES DROPPING IN CLASS: Often a horse will demonstrate poor form because
it has been competing against horses that are superior in ability. There is a relationship
between class and form, and a horse dropping in class often displays a marked
improvement in form.

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